Automatic desiccant filler

The automatic desiccant filler machine performs the filling of spacer frames with desiccant. The machine is suitable for the filling of desiccant in aluminium spacers, stainless steel spacers and Warm Edge spacers (Chromatech Ultra, Thermix TX.N plus, TGI spacer M, Thermobar, Multitech, Swisspacer Advance, Swisspacer Ultimate)

The machine process is fully automatic:

drilling in the back of the spacer (using drill bits suitable also for steel)

filling of desiccant, made by pressure, which assures perfect filling and high speed.

closing of the loading holes with butyl

To work big size frames the working head will raise automatically till it reaches the desired position. (max. size ≈ 2500 x 3500 mm)