Italian evolution in technology
for specialist manufacturers of double-glazing

The power of specialization

Lombarda Macchine is a company founded with the primary intent to produce and sell machines for the production and processing of IG (Insulated Glass). Our goal is to improve our products and find new solutions, working together with our customers to offer them the highest adaptability of our equipment to their needs.

We care about your glass production

We are experts in providing equipment and machinery for glass processing, we offer to our customers our professionalism to ensure the achievement of high standards of quality and efficiency

We care about your future

We develop new projects together with our customers, we improve our machines day after day, starting from customers requests, always looking forward.

We care about your company

We offer customer support constant and 360°, from choosing of purchase to after-sales service, the requirements of our customers are our starting point.

We care about our industry

We pursue a constructive and collaborative competition mode; we propose to our clients as partners, more than as suppliers.